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    Sit & Go Tournament

    Sit & Go is a tournament that starts as soon as the required number of players has registered. Normally a Sit & Go is played with only one table, however there are Sit & Go tournaments that have multiple tables as well.

    • When a Player sits down at the table, or registers for the tournament, the tournament buy-in amount and entrance fee are immediately deducted from their account.

    • If a Player leaves the tournament before play begins at the table, all buy-in amounts and entrance fees are refunded to the Player's account.

    • If a Player leaves the tournament after play begins at the table, they forfeit their buy-in amount and entrance fee. The Player is then blinded-off, unless they return to the tournament to continue play.

    • All winnings are deposited into the Player's account at the end of the tournament.

    • You cannot win Tournament Specific Tickets for Sit & Go tournaments. Only Tournament Group Tickets and Generic Tickets are awarded.